Painted icons can be ordered in all sizes and, unlike the printed icons, you can choose saint (or composition) that doesn’t exist in the catalog.

gospod na dasci daska

Special offer: you can order PAINTED MINIATURE ICONS of your choosing (saint does not have to be in the catalog) and get them in specially designed small boxes.

slika minijature 1
slika minijature 2 slika minijature 3

You can also order reproductions of Dragana Đorđević’s icons printed on paper, forex, magnet, and as part of a yearly calendar (calendar is in Serbian only). Paper icons printed in smaller dimensions can be ordered plasticized, and calendar contains 12 reproductions.

1) Small plasticized icons

size: 9,5 x 6,5cm

plasticized icons

2) Icons printed on magnets

size: 7,5 x 5,5 cm

size: 10 x 7,33 cm


3) Icons printed on forex without the wooden frame

Can be ordered in all sizes even in those fit to be placed on the iconostases. Size determines the price.

4) Icons printed on forex with the wooden frame

(including the
frame’s size):

102 x 78,5
64,5 x 49,5
49,5 x 39
64,5x 31,5
49,5 x 24,5


5) Icons printed on paper

size: 31,5 x 24cm

size: 15,8 x 11,6cm

slika paper icons

6) Calendar

Wall Calendar

zidni kalendar

Desk Calendar

sdesk calendar

For all information (about prices, ordering and aditional details) contact artist via:

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